The I-Heart collection at Metalab in Surry Hills, February 2008, was a new collection of work with a very personal approach, a study of the heart and our various emotional states of being. Metaphors of happiness, loss, excitement, pain and love are evident. Each piece represents a portrait of life’s experiences.

The I-Heart exhibition was a celebration and collection of forty pieces of work, mainly brooches, focusing on the heart. Sondi has confessed a love/hate relationship with hearts, as she was born on St Valentine's Day. Tongue in cheek, she describes herself as being born with a silver heart in her mouth.

The work is fabricated using traditional silversmithing techniques and fashioned into wearable hollow constructed objects. Their sensuously coloured surfaces have been filed, beaten and oxidized into a layer likened to that of a painting, only using metal as a material. Using a bi-metal of sterling silver and 24K gold, the top layers are worked into rich surfaces of texture and colour. “This work is 50% controllable and 50% abstract in nature”.

Photography by VANESSA SAMUELS 0411 986 402.

  Email: sondisstudio@gmail.com